ARTC Contractor Compliance System

In an effort to continuously improve the safety of our employees and contractors, ARTC has partnered with Avetta – a contractor prequalification and compliance management service - to ensure a safe and sustainable workplace for all our employees, contractors and customers.

ARTC greatly values our relationship with all of our contractors and we are committed to improving workplace safety and minimising on-site incidents. As part of this commitment, we want to employ the best contractors available and make sure they share our commitment to safety.

Our contractor prequalification process is critical to this initiative. Contractors are evaluated on safety, quality, technical, environmental, insurance, financial, sustainability, operational and rail specific performance criteria. The ongoing collection, audit and analysis of related data enables us to ensure compliance and operational improvement in real time across our contractor base.
All contractors who wish to continue qualifying for ongoing opportunities with ARTC must be registered with Avetta. This requirement currently applies to contractors who work within the rail corridor, or provide other high risk services, and are, or are likely to be, directly engaged by ARTC. At this point in time, subcontractors are exempt, however ARTC is developing a solution for all parties who provide services or undertake works on the ARTC network to ensure they are appropriately prequalified and evaluated so we meet our objective that no one is harmed at work or on our network. Contractors may continue to engage and manage subcontractors in accordance with contract terms.

Safety is our top priority. It is our responsibility to manage the safe operation of our network, as well as the safety of anyone accessing our rail corridors. To do this effectively, we ask for your support and commitment with this valuable initiative.

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Three Steps to “Complete” Status

Step 1

Register here and select all ARTC sites your company is performing work for, as listed on the invitation letter.
Step 2
Prequalify to work with ARTC as detailed in the Avetta system.
Step 3

Achieve “Complete” status as detailed in the Avetta system.

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Why join


Exposure to more clients and employment opportunities within the vast, location-based Avetta ecosystem


Dedicated, helpful Avetta representatives assist in compliance support, prequalification, documentation, and much more.


Exclusive access to 300+ Avetta clients, leveling the playing field and decreasing the chances of getting underbid by unsafe suppliers.


Unlike non-Avetta suppliers, you become discoverable to your client and hundreds of others in our network.


Avetta suppliers avoid unnecessary forms, upload documents easily, update their profiles any time, and spend less on costly advertising vehicles.


Avetta helped us make health and safety a priority, which resulted in business growth and competitive advantage.
It's easy to complete information. Any problems we had, Avetta worked with us to make sure we met customer requriements, and their system is flexible around our information.
One of the things that I utilize Avetta for is a marketing opportunity, targeting customers within Avetta that we would already be qualified for if we were simply associated with them.
Bill Wood
Director of Client Relations, Alliance Group Inc.
Lynn Zink
Contracts Administrator, Steeplejack Management
Kurt Southerland
Regional Safety Director, United Rentals

Avetta Services

The Avetta solution combines our award-winning technology and expert service. Avetta’s team of experts guides contractors and suppliers through the prequalification process and helps them to implement best practices.
Prequalification & Document Management

Prequalification &
Document Management

Avetta's prequalification and document management service ensures fast and accurate collection and verification of supplier data.


Auditing services include comprehensive reviews of employee manuals, training logs, on-site implementation, and sustainability practices.
Insurance Verification


Features a single repository for all supplier insurance documentation. Avetta’s insurance professionals review to verify accuracy and ensure limit requirements have been met.
Employee Qualification & Training

Employee Qualification
& Training

Avetta verifies individual employees’ qualifications and provides an online training platform for faster induction.

About Avetta

Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management platform. Our global solution is uniquely designed to connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, driving sustainable growth.
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