How to Create a Winning Decarbonization Strategy

Join us April 6th, 2023 

1:00pm ET

About The Webinar

Decarbonization, also called the “low-carbon” economy, is the economic system being developed in the transition towards cleaner energy and production capacities in our cities and supply chains. Decarbonizing our economic system is a challenge as most industries today rely on fossil fuel feedstocks, such as combustion vehicles. 

Join us as Katie Martin, Principal Lead of Sustainability & ESG at Avetta, discusses how companies measuring carbon emissions can manage them more efficiently and how a decarbonization strategy and outlook come into play for your organization’s success. 

Key Topics

   Learn the difference between Carbon Measurement, GHG Emissions, & Decarbonization  
   Identify 3 Net-Zero Strategies: Optimize, Electrify, and Decarbonize

   Understand technical pathways to decarbonize: Waste, Electricity, Building, Transportation, Storage, and Carbon Sinks

Meet Your Speaker

Katie Martin

Principal Lead, Sustainability & ESG