Introducing the BGIS APAC Individual Worker Learning and Qualification Module in Avetta: EmployeeGUARD

As you may know, BGIS launched their Contractor Management System (CMS) in partnership with Avetta in June 2018. Since then, Avetta has been gathering and verifying company-level compliance information and documentation from their vendors, supplier and contractor companies.
We are excited to announce we are taking the next step in this partnership, by adding Avetta’s EmployeeGUARD service to the BGIS CMS.

Avetta EmployeeGUARD is the online portal for individual workers to complete BGIS and Client’s inductions, assessments, qualifications and competency validations, documentation acknowledgment and account or project specific requirements.

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Once logged in to EmployeeGUARD access the HELP link for getting started guides and videos.

EmployeeGUARD Product Brochure PDF

Three Steps to “Complete” Status

Step 1
Worker Registration
-Accept the EmployeeGUARD Terms and Conditions via your company Avetta page, under

-Review the worker profiles created on your behalf, based on current induction completion records from BGIS (induction currency dates have been transferred to Avetta EmployeeGUARD);

-Report back to Avetta on any worker profiles that need to be DELETED, if they no longer work for you;

-Register any additional workers performing onsite work at BGIS client sites.
Step 2
Site and Service Type Assignments
-Assign each worker to the appropriate BGIS site(s), to ensure compliance requirements are assigned accordingly.

-Each worker will login and complete assigned requirements to ensure continued compliance for site access.

-Your HR Manager or another centralised administrative function may be able to complete some of the requirements on the worker’s behalf (such as licenses, competencies, etc.).
Step 3
Requirement Completion
-Ensure registered workers complete all inductions, assessments, qualifications and competency validations, as per the assignments in their Avetta EmployeeGUARD profile.

-To be compliant, your workers need to complete this requirement by January 5th 2019, however we appreciate completion prior to this date.

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Why join


Exposure to more clients and employment opportunities within the vast, location-based Avetta ecosystem


Dedicated, helpful Avetta representatives assist in compliance support, prequalification, documentation, and much more.


Exclusive access to 300+ Avetta clients, leveling the playing field and decreasing the chances of getting underbid by unsafe suppliers.


Unlike non-Avetta suppliers, you become discoverable to your client and hundreds of others in our network.


Avetta suppliers avoid unnecessary forms, upload documents easily, update their profiles any time, and spend less on costly advertising vehicles.


It's easy to complete information. Any problems we had, Avetta worked with us to make sure we met customer requriements, and their system is flexible around our information.
One of the things that I utilize Avetta for is a marketing opportunity, targeting customers within Avetta that we would already be qualified for if we were simply associated with them.
Avetta helped us make health and safety a priority, which resulted in business growth and competitive advantage.
Lynn Zink
Contracts Administrator, Steeplejack Management
Kurt Southerland
Regional Safety Director, United Rentals
Bill Wood
Director of Client Relations, Alliance Group Inc.

Avetta Services

The Avetta solution combines our award-winning technology and expert service. Avetta’s team of experts guides contractors and suppliers through the prequalification process and helps them to implement best practices.
Prequalification & Document Management

Prequalification &
Document Management

Avetta's prequalification and document management service ensures fast and accurate collection and verification of supplier data.


Auditing services include comprehensive reviews of employee manuals, training logs, on-site implementation, and sustainability practices.
Insurance Verification


Features a single repository for all supplier insurance documentation. Avetta’s insurance professionals review to verify accuracy and ensure limit requirements have been met.
Employee Qualification & Training

Employee Qualification
& Training

Avetta verifies individual employees’ qualifications and provides an online training platform for faster induction.

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Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management platform. Our global solution is uniquely designed to connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, driving sustainable growth.
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