Create a Vibrant Safety Culture
The Key to Reducing Your Injury & Accident Costs 

A vibrant safety culture can lead to lower absence rates, lower insurance premiums, less injuries, improved productivity and happier employees.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Proven methods to increase employee engagement and create a more vibrant safety culture
  • How to maximize your personal impact and influence as a safety leader
  • Seven proven ways to reduce apathy, which can blur employees’ focus and block their attention
  • How to market and sell the benefits of your safety program to employees
  • Techniques that will add new life to your safety meetings and safety marketing


  Richard Hawk
  President, Richard Hawk Inc.

  Richard Hawk is a safety professional, speaker and trainer. He has been in
  the safety and health industry for more than 30 years and holds numerous
  safety and technical certifications.

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