Qualifying subcontractors: Temporary labour, permanent risk

Governance, risk and compliance are the watchwords when it comes to subcontractors

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Governance, risk and compliance is an approach that brings together three fundamental pillars of information, management and control, enabling the organisation to work towards its goals.

This particularly matters to procurement in the context of managing contractors – people brought into your own premises or out in the field representing your organisation. They are working for your business just as surely as your own employees are. Whether they’re former employees outsourced to a specialist service provider, or wearing workwear with your branding, in the eyes of your customers, stakeholders and regulators, these are your people – even if they are not technically your employees.

 Fortunately, there are tools that can enable procurement to exercise good governance with respect to contractor management by ensuring that they are fully skilled, insured and compliant.

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  • Why governance of the whole of the supply chain is essential.
  • How CPOs are managing contractor risk.
  • And how contractor compliance can be assured.

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